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The "Why" Behind NeuralText

Why would you need another SEO tool?

The year is 2024.

While there are many solutions out there to serve different purposes, few of these are truly suitable for the new search paradigm, which is far removed from just simple keywords.

Being in the SEO world for some time led us to develop different custom tools for specific tasks. The main reason for creating this particular tool was to explore the potential of the most recent Natural Language Processing models and to simplify the way in which writers produce a piece of content driven by SERP data.

That's exactly why we created NeuralText.

NeuralText is a simple tool for studying SERP and will help your team produce better content. We built it with a minimal feature set (that anyone can use) and left out everything else.

No clutter. No complexity. No extra features that no one uses.

We are proud to say that NeuralText is the product we wish existed back when we were looking for the perfect content optimization platform at a fair price.

Whether you are ready to move on from other tools or test how NLP can genuinely help your content strategy, we hope you give NeuralText a try!

Give it a shot, and email us at humans@neuraltext.com to let us know what you think.