Structured Data SERP Explorer

Insert a keyword and get structured data for top 10 results on Google Search.

This tool is under maintenance.

We are doing our best to improve this tool and make it available soon.
Thanks for your patience!

How to analyze structured data for each page ranking for a keyword without doing it manually?

Until today, you had to type a query on Google, copy each URL in the Validator, and aggregate data manually in some way.
Our free tool lets you discover how organic competitors use structured data on their pages in one click.

  • Speed up Schema analysis Instead of spending time reviewing each page and manually compiling data, the tool provides all the data in a single click.
  • Get more visibility on search engines By including rich snippets and other structured data on your site, you could improve the appearance of your search listings and increase click-through rate.‍
  • Identify schema gaps with competitors Get insights into what types of structured data are most commonly used by competitors.

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Using the new version of Neuraltext and so very impressed by the great work they've done with their content optimizer/writing assistant and keyword tool 👏

Aleyda Solis
Aleyda Solis
International SEO expert

I've been looking to build SEO keyword-optimized content for my site with a tool that can read through large blocks of text and present word suggestions at the best spots. It's great to see that the new NeuralText tool achieves this, which I think makes it quite unique among the others I have seen.

Jean B.

The first thing I noticed is the slick UI and really smooth user experience. I was quite impressed with the quality of the outputs.

Ivan N.
Marketing Director

Content research analysis includes the topic questions, keywords and top-ranking websites. It helps with content research: keyword identification, topic research and outlining of blogs. NeuralText is a great addition to my workflow.

Rachel W.

Robust AI Content Creation. I like the feature set of NeuralText. There is a lot that this platform can accomplish. Working through writer's block can be difficult. NeuralText helps overcome the inertia of not knowing where to start with your content creation.

Alex M.